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AWP Mode: Elite online 3D sniper action



5.0 and up
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Introducing AWP Mode: Elite online 3D sniper action

Experience the intensity of modern-day combat with AWP Mode: Elite, an online 3D sniper game. Players take on a series of missions and engage in fast-paced action from their phone or tablet device as they move through different cities to complete objectives.

From taking out enemies by sniping them while hiding behind walls to using cover fire when facing intense gunfights at close range, players will have access to a variety of weapons that help keep things interesting throughout each level. However, you are not allowed to use other guns, only gun snipers! Let your love of snipers be satisfied with a huge arsenal of dozens of sniper rifles and many heroes to choose from. With beautiful graphics and immersive sound effects available for download.


Main features in AWP Mode: Elite online 3D sniper action

Huge arsenal for you

The game is designed with both classic and modern, many high-quality sniper rifles. With a diverse arsenal of guns for players to choose from, it's an extremely attractive experience. Along with the legendary AWM gun, you also have other choices such as K98, Cheytac M200 and Wa2000, etc... In addition to hundreds of other guns available in different calibers like Mosin–Nagant or CVDs and MK24 SWSs all at your disposal! Be ready to show opponents what caliber really means when you play this game

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Heroes system

In this game, you will play as a sniper in combat with other snipers. The characters are unique and creative works of the publisher. There are two types of characters to choose from - male and female Women have hot appearances and very good skills at shooting; they make an excellent choice for female players looking to try out gameplay! Each character has their own special ability—some may move faster or be high health levels than others. Choose which one fits your style best before starting the fight right away! You can win them over by buying from shops or completing quests.

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Upgrade your weapons/armor

When playing, characters and weapons need to be upgraded over time to save money. Improved armor for warriors increases resistance against being shot by the enemy which makes it harder for them to kill you too especially with an increased amount of health as a higher level opponent gives more chance at survival. Upgrading parameters such as fire rate, damage, reload time, accurate aiming, etc... Increases your chances even further so that enemies cannot take advantage of these weaknesses. Compared to buying new items or equipment instead also knowns saving on resources when upgrading existing ones is much cheaper than purchasing entirely new gear.

High-quality graphics and sounds

The graphics in AWP Mode is unparalleled. The game screen is designed meticulously and with detail, making players feel like they're shooting a real gun. Realistic effects make the trees look lifelike and objects appear realistic as well; there are no different from actual war scenes. Players can expect extremely attractive moments while playing this shooter game because of both sounds/noises & music that create exciting atmospheres to keep people coming back for more playtime!

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AWP Mode Mod Apk

Mod features


  • Unlimited Ammo
  • Unlimited Money/Gold (Updating)
  • High Aim Assist
  • Rapid Fire
  • Auto Shoot
  • Freeze Bots
  • Bunny Hop
  • No Fall Damage
  • Walk Speed
  • Jump Height
  • Wide Screen
  • No Muzzle Effect
  • WireFrame Purple/Yellow/Cyan
  • Unlocked All (Updating)

FAQ about AWP Mode Mod Apk

Is AWP Mode Mod Apk compatible with all devices that support Android 8 and above?

  • With Android 8 and above devices, this mod can be fully compatible, because the mod's requirement is 4.1 or higher.

Is it safe to download and install AWP Mode Mod Apk?

  • You can completely download and use it with confidence at TECHTODOWN.COM.

Does this mod require root access or any special permissions to run?

  • You don't need root, just allow "Unknown Sources".

AWP Mode Mod Apk is free to download and play, so what are you waiting for? Download it now. If you’ve played the original AWP Mode then this new version will be a fresh experience with some exciting changes based on feedback from users of previous versions of the game. We hope you enjoy this mod apk! Don't forget to leave us your feedback about AWP Mode Mod Apk and stay tuned for future updates coming soon!

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