Chikii MOD APK (Unlimited Money)


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Download Chikii MOD APK (Unlimited Money) latest version for Android. Turn your smartphone into the perfect mobile dashboard: interfaces, add-ons, and tools

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Chikii MOD APK (Unlimited Money)


Games Social

Download Chikii MOD APK (Unlimited Money) latest version for Android. Turn your smartphone into the perfect mobile dashboard: interfaces, add-ons, and tools

5.0 and up
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With millions of apps flooding the app market, it’s becoming increasingly difficult for users to find an app that can fulfill their needs. One of the most popular categories in the Google Play Store is Lifestyle, and while there are thousands of lifestyle apps available, only a few apps can survive for a considerable amount of time. Chikii MOD APK is one such app that has gained a lot of popularity in recent days.

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What is Chiki App?

Chikii app is an android app to play online games between friends or you can use it as a normal android app. This is a completely free version of the Android app. You can download it directly at Techtodown or from the Google Play Store. All you have to do is open the Chiki app from the mobile app launcher and select “Download Apk” which will take you to the list of available apps. Select the app you want to download and press the download button to start the automatic download process. After downloading apk you can activate it from device settings like a normal app. You can also easily uninstall apk by selecting it and selecting all apk to uninstall options from device settings. You can also clear the cache and history at any time from the settings.

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Avoid any data loss by backing up your phone before and after downloading apk. You can perform automatic backups on your device, then you can easily install new apps on your phone.

  • Add screen recording feature in Chikii.
  • Add Alarm Notification feature in Chikii.
  • Multiple account feature in Chikii.

By adding screen recording in your Android app, you can record at any time what you see on the screen or when recording a video. To add screen recording in the Chiki app you must use the settings on your device. When you use screen recording, the screen recording clip is copied to your device's internal storage, such as an SD Card or an external SD Card. You can copy clips at any time by selecting the “Copy to SD card” option.

Benefits of using Chikii MOD APK:

  • 1,000+ free models
  • 2,000+ free backgrounds
  • 4,000+ free icons
  • 5,000+ free animations
  • 6,000+ free effects
  • 7,000+ free fonts
  • 8,000+ free mockups
  • 9,000+ free photos
  • 10,000+ free sounds
  • 11,000+ free videos here's a list of the most popular models of this app.
Chikii Chat

Alternatively, you can join a group chat where users can chat together and get individual and group chat stickers. There are thousands of chat rooms to choose from, and you can even create your own chat room on the website. Before you settle into any chat room and start spending time chatting, you must first acknowledge the community and credit the due credit. Chiki also provides an API for third-party apps so they can customize chat troubleshooting and other functions. App developers can integrate live chat businesses into their apps by downloading the respective Chikii MOD team app, setting up golden messages, adding opt-out handling, as well as other online and offline tools as they deem appropriate. Chiki defines the criteria for being approved to appear in the video chat. The app also classifies signs of inappropriate language so that it can police users to use those features appropriately.

What to know before installing Chikii MOD APK:

The procedure to download and install Chikii MOD APK is pretty simple. First of all, make sure you have enough free space on your phone. You can check the download size of Chikii MOD APK on Google Play before downloading. If your phone has more than 10MB of free space, you should delete some Apps to save space.

Chikii Live Room

Then, you need to download the included file. After that, connect your phone to a PC using a Wifi connection. To see if it is connected “Click “More connections” and connect the device to the router via Ethernet cable. Then Run the installer which should appear under “option.” When the installation has been completed and the app loaded, you can enjoy the best android apps on your android phone. Adding a camera feature to this app is pretty convenient. For anyone who loves photography and taking pictures will never miss it again with this feature. Unless you are inside your device when you record the video won’t be deleted automatically. The manual control feature still allows you to see the scene from the camera. The video also supports time-lapse which changes the video automatically. Using the front and back cameras you can take portrait photos and the whole process is completed in a few seconds. Now, after using the camera, we have to activate the trebuchet and then shoot. Doing so will play the shot capture sound and motion capturing music and the trebuchet will launch the shot. During the shot, you can also set a timer and the trebuchet will launch the bomb after 3/5 minutes assuming the bomb is still live.

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