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Dangerous Shelter Mod Apk is a Simulation game about a girl who has to survive in the zombie world while having to choose in Love. Download this game now!
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August 11, 2021
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About Dangerous Shelter Mod Apk for Android devices. This game is a fun simulation that lets you explore what would happen if the world was taken over by zombies while also managing your love life. If you’re looking for something new to play on your phone, download Dangerous Shelter Mod Apk right now!

About Dangerous Shelter Mod Apk

Dangerous Shelter Mod Apk has a number of features that make it interesting. It’s an open world game, so players aren’t restricted to one course or area. You’re allowed to explore as much as you want and discover all the secrets waiting for you in this zombie apocalypse. Dangerous Shelter – Your Life is Your Choice also contains multiple endings which makes your choices even more critical than ever before!

  • Play as three different characters in this sim date Otome visual novel
  • Interact with five guys and choose who will be your significant other
  • Be careful of meeting places – people are changing into zombies everywhere!
  • Upgrade weapons and items at stores to help you survive the zombie apocalypse more easily

dangerous shelter mod apk latest version Android

World of love

This game is based on a love story set in a post-apocalyptic world where zombies are the main characters. As you can imagine, this will be an unusual setting that will allow us to meet different zombie boys, whom we have to choose from in our adventures.

Start your journey with Dangerous Shelter and live together!

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The action begins as soon as we wake up inside the bunker after surviving some kind of explosion outside. In it, there was only one other girl that I quickly became friends with. Lucky for me – or not? – I ended up sharing a room with her because someone else took the other bunk.

At first, we didn’t know much about each other’s pasts but we soon discovered that Kyra was an orphan raised by her brother in a loving family. On the contrary, I endured some harsh treatment from my drunken father until he passed away when I was just a child so now I feel quite alone without any someone whose words carry a lot of weight to me because those memories have faded over time or them?

Dangerous Shelter Mod Apk Unlimited Gold

Love in Zombie World

In this game, there are two important concepts: ‘Love’ and ‘Survival.’

The girl has to survive in the zombie world. She can only take a step forward if she protects herself and kills zombies by her own hands. In order for the player not to be overwhelmed, they have many tools such as weapons that will help them defeat enemies more easily and get resources like food or water. They also need weapons because of the other concept- Love!

She is given one chance at love which may affect their survival later on – romance with another survivor (boy) who knows how to use weapons well enough or an innocent man without any knowledge about fighting? The choice is up to you!

There will be four gleaming male protagonists who appear in your life one after another. Damon is the first guy, a strange boy that is aggressive on the outside but kind on the inside. Matthew is a wise, pleasant, romantic scholar with a lot of ideas. Antonie is a super-romantic bloke with long hair who’s an artist and has many hidden places within him. Ben is the final character, a young, happy, warm, and always excited guy. On every perilous journey, they will accompany you. But in the end your heart belongs to just one person. Who could it be? Is he deserving of your affection?

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During the game’s narrative, it will occasionally offer players advice in important circumstances. The tale’s conclusion is the sum of all of these decisions. So think carefully about what you’re saying and doing, and lead a life that most closely reflects your personality. You’ll understand how to deal with a similar problem when you experience loss of direction as yourself.

download dangerous shelter mod apk latest version

Survive for 180 days

Lasts for 180 days,the game is divided into days, weeks and months. Each section has different activities that can be performed during these periods to get a specific item at once.

Our character will also increase certain skills as time goes on, which in turn will require higher levels of resources. Since you are under constant attack from zombies, players must keep their eyes open for any dangers around them while trying to maintain an adequate daily routine.

As players move through the game, they will encounter a variety of quests that can help them with their daily activities.

After each day is complete, you have to make decisions about who you want to spend your time with during events or possible missions. The characters are divided into three categories: warriors, scouts and civilians. Each has different strengths in terms of combat abilities as well as everyday uses such as farming resources for example.

If an attack occurs outside the shelter while you go out for supplies like food etc., then you will have to combat the zombies in real time. You can also choose to skip these missions and come back later if you don’t want to fight them right now.

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download dangerous shelter mod apk

Download Dangerous Shelter Mod Apk

Dangerous Shelter Mod Apk is a simulation game about a girl who has to survive in the zombie world while having to choose between two guys in love with her: one of them she knew before the apocalypse happened; another one was introduced by other survivors after they saved him from death. The action takes place on an abandoned city ravaged by zombies and dangerous anomalies that can cause more harm than most enemies. There are no rescue squads or government organizations coming to help you out – it’s just up to your own skills and luck to get out of this nightmare. Download now!!!

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